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About Shubhashraya

    Shubhashraya Foundation 
    Establishment Date: - 1 July 2010.  


  • To help for the poor, orphan Childs, physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them education, foods, clothing or other help.
  • To give financial assistance to needy persons of the society particularly in the field of education and medical treatment and establishment, maintenance and support to institutions & to provide funds for the removal of poverty.
  • Implementation of Schemes sponsored by State Govt. & Central Govt.
  • Development of women & children welfare programs & protection of environment.
  • To promote & encourage spiritual atmosphere.
  • To Start Centers for education & training for social & commercial works.
  • Nature

  • This Foundation shall be a member with other organizations working in different regions, each organization retaining its independent structure.
  • This Foundation is based on the system of representative democracy and its various functionaries shall be elected.
  • The member organizations of this Foundation must uphold all or some of the aims and objectives of this organization.
  • The member organizations of this Foundation will be free to formulate their own policies and programmes, provided they do not contravene the declared aims and objectives of this Foundation 

  • Objectives

  • To promote national integration, communal amity and social harmony and uphold the democratic set up, secular order and rule of law in the country.
  • To work for peace, progress and prosperity in the country and to strengthen goodwill and brotherhood among different communities.
  • To help to establish a social order based on equity and justice for all.
  • To work for the welfare and progress of the weaker sections in various parts of India.
  • To adopt suitable means to protect the dignity, lives and properties of the marginalized sections and to work for their empowerment.
  • To endeavor for the protection of the cultural, social and religious identity of the tribals, the dalits and the minorities.
  • To identify and check the menaces of casteism, communalism and fascism.
  • To make plans for the social, economic and educational development of minorities and backward classes.
  • To educate the under privileged and exploited classes about their rights.
  • To mobilize people against the violation of human rights and protect the civil and political rights of the people of India.
  • To work for unity and solidarity among the different socially and educationally backward classes.
  • To co-ordinate and unite various organizations working in different regions and states in India for the socio-economic development of the people.
  • To organize common programmes for the development of intellectual and management skills of social activists.
  • To support the member organizations in cadre building and mass mobilization.
  • To help the member organizations in enhancing the ideological, conceptual, spiritual and social capabilities of their cadres.
  • To facilitate a civil society and promote non-governmental efforts.
  • To help promote the ecological balance, sustainable development and to strive for an alternate non-destructive socio economic development model.
  • To create awareness among the people about the threats of the neo-colonialism and imperialism.
  • To fulfill the real political empowerment of the people of India and democratization of Indian polity.
  • To fight against the bias and prejudice in the media and strive for a just alternate media.

    Organizational Structure 
    This Foundation shall have the following office bearers and functional bodies, constituted according to the relevant clauses of this constitution: (a) Chairman (b) Vice Chairman (c) Secretary General (d) Secretaries (e) Treasurer (f) Secretariat (g) National Executive Council (h) National General Assembly (i) Regional / Zonal Councils. 

  • The main source of income of this Foundation shall be the affiliation fee and the annual subscription fee remitted by the member organizations and the NEC shall decide the amount of fee from time to time. 
    This Foundation may depend on any other source of fund that are not detrimental to ethical values and laws of the land.
    The accounts of this Foundation shall be audited by the auditors appointed by the Organisation every year and the audited accounts shall be submitted to the NEC. 

    Self Defence Program and Sports Activity
    The Self Defence Program and Sports Activity Programs organise by our Sports Head Shri. UMESH MAHTO  

    This Foundation shall establish its central office and required number of sub offices anywhere in India.
  Andhra Pradesh   
  Arunachal Pradesh   
Orphange will Open soon at Sawaimadhopur (Raj.)